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Hey folks! I learn best when I argue with the teacher and get real examples and insights from my peers. If you have a dissociative disorder, you might be working through Coping with Trauma Related Dissociation, by Suzette Boon, Kathy Steele and Onno Van Der Hart. It’s not a replacement for therapy, but it’s an up to date resource that many therapists use with patients across the world. In the US you can get the digital version on Amazon for $17.  

It’s hard to read, and not everyone has a peer group or therapist on speed dial. Every Friday here on the blog, I’ll post a quick chapter summary from the book, some additional resources (if I can find any) and a few open ended questions to start the discussion.

If you’re engaging in the discussion, read the chapter and hop in with your perspectives. Challenge the parts you didn’t accept, get clarity where something doesn’t make sense, pose questions you don’t know the answers to, etc. Especially if you have inner conflict over the material.

If you’re not reading along but have questions, ask! We can post quotes, segments, etc, since it’ll all be properly attributed to the book.

Your curiosity is always welcome at Death Farts Book Club.

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