“The Coping Book” Skills Review

I didn’t read a new chapter this week. Instead, I worked through the skills review and did some rereading. These are the skills we should have added to our toolbox, so far.

  • Learning to be Present
  • Developing and use Anchors in the present
  • Managing stress via relaxation exercises
  • Overcoming the phobia of inner experience
  • Reflecting on an Inner Experience (and doing it regularly)
  • Communicating with parts of yourself about current issues in daily life
  • Developing empathy toward a part of yourself
  • Accomplishing a common task or goal with the cooperation of your parts
  • Developing an inner sense of safety and a safe place
  • Building and using a sleep kit and bedtime routine
  • Developing a realistic and healthy daily/weekly routine
  • Mastering next level relaxation exercises
  • Developing and using a relaxation kit
  • Making a healthy change in physical self-care
  • Making a plan for improving an eating problem

I’ve not done all of it, but the steps I have taken are paying off. I hope you’re getting something out of it too.

Work Pupper

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